TallSlim Tees Adds New Styles, Colors, and Sizes to Popular Apparel Lineup


ST. GEORGE, Utah — Skinny men of stature gain some great-fitting new options for getting dressed, as TallSlim Tees expands its lineup. Responding to a tremendous reception for its original TallSlim Tees t-shirts in five hues and two sizes, the company has added several new styles and tripled the number of available colors.

In addition to classic t-shirts in both short- and long-sleeved formats, TallSlim Tees customers can now choose between crew and v-neck options, along with polo and athletic shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and more. With every item tailored to fit tall men with slim builds, the new additions to the lineup can be seen in the TallSlim Tees photo gallery online.

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve greatly expanded our catalog, adding many new styles, colors, and sizes in response to demand from our fans,” TallSlim Tees founder Dan Deceuster said, “We were never satisfied with the compromises tall, slim men were traditionally forced to make when it came to apparel. Our mission to provide a better answer has resounded with a great many men, and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. With these new additions to our catalog, we’re going to make it even easier for slim guys of considerable height to look great wherever they go.”

With the waistlines of many people steadily growing, some men have traditionally faced a problem of an entirely different kind. While apparel makers have in recent decades sought to accommodate men who were especially tall or massive, men over six feet tall with slim builds had generally been left behind. That meant most were faced with choosing shirts of sufficient length that were cut far too full for their physiques, or else picking out something that fit properly through the chest and shoulders but which came up short below.

TallSlim Tees was founded to resolve this problem once and for all. With an initial lineup of t-shirts offered in five colors and two styles, the company met with success from the start. Buzz grew quickly, as men who had never before enjoyed access to properly fitted casual shirts, simply because of their dimensions, spread the word.

Thanks to that momentum, TallSlim Tees has now expanded its catalog significantly. In addition to the classic short- and long-sleeved tees that kicked things off, TallSlim Tees customers can now choose from an array of other styles, including tank tops, hoodies, and more. With ten new colors and new sizes adding further to the variety, tall, slim men have more options than ever before. Visitors to the TallSlim Tees website will find detailed sizing information, pictures of all the company’s products, and a convenient, secure, online store.

About TallSlim Tees:
With a full range of t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and other apparel, all fitted to make tall, slim guys look great, TallSlim Tees does away with the compromises and trade-offs that used to be the norm.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mi.centredaily/news/read/32538081

Lessons Learned About Jewelry

What You Need To Know About Finding A Jewelry Store Decisions, most of them, have to be thought out really well before they are made. If you’re looking to buy jewelry, you have to be careful in choosing the best jewelry store to purchase these pieces from. The great thing about jewelry is that you can purchase them for other people, ones you love or have the desire of impressing. These are some of things you have to keep in mind when purchasing from the store: Service – When you think about a particular service, you want things to be perfect, from the way the experts treat you to the ornaments the store presents. The people in the counter are ones which you should be able to trust when it comes to these matters. You have to be serious when choosing these types of ornaments because they not only expensive, they have a lot of meaning as well. Make sure you choose an engagement ring with people who can give you the right kind of advice. These is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to choose perfect jewelry when you keep in mind these tips.
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There are stores which can check out online that have to be up to par with their services as well. You can get ideas from those who are regularly purchase jewelry from these types of establishments. It doesn’t matter what kind of ornament it is, you should apply the very same steps.
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Knowledge – You won’t have a lot of time to make a decision if you’re already in the store. In fact, if you decide to buy right then and there, you would probably be under a lot of pressure. When visiting these stores; you have to consider this situation as much as possible. Some people shop quite quickly even when it comes to jewelry. There are various kinds of approaches that one has to consider as much as possible when it concerns matters like these. You will be able to make a better decision when you do your research at all times. You would then have an idea of what to buy when you go to the jewelry store. Always ask questions because that is your right when you are buying something. The Quality Of A Store’s Products And Their Popularity – Would it be a good idea to purchase from this particular store? Do they have professionals who can fix jewelry in the best possible way? When it comes to these things, it is important that you never go cheap! This is definitely a tip you should remember as much as possible.

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What Jewelry You Should Always Wear It is very inconvenient when you shop for jewelry pieces because there are a lot of stores you have to go to, and be able to pick the perfect one. Before buying a jewelry, you must be able to identify the piece you want to buy in order to expedite the process of shopping. To look good in as dress is to be able to choose a jewelry that will complement it. There is no doubt that the chosen jewelry piece depends on the style and taste of the owner. Animal jewelry pieces have been the choice for most animal lovers. Body jewelry and other unconventional jewelries can be tried just to look different once in a while. What is important is that your jewelry and outfit match each other. The thing that will emphasize your fashion look is your jewelry. The basic question when wearing your jewelry is how you want them to define you? Wearing jewelry pieces can either accentuate your look or completely snare the attention of people around you. The event to which you will be going is also a factor to be considered when using a jewelry piece. The suitability of the jewelry piece to the event must be considered at all times. Just like wearing a big choker is suitable when going for a night out but not on a board meeting.
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Most of us favor a certain fashion designer for most of our formal dresses but it is not the case with jewelries. Even unsigned jewelry pieces makes a fashion statement because there are wonderful designs created by unknown artists. Scour over your jewelry collection and appreciate the variety of designs be it antique, gold, diamond or fashion. Be not afraid to mix jewelry pieces as they provide a sense of excitement when they come together..
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Value for money is carefully thought of when purchasing a jewelry piece. Jewelry pieces are considered fine pieces even it they are not made of gold or diamond. Both unsigned and signed inexpensive costume jewelries are examples of fine jewelry. Prices of fashion jewelries are low in some stores who sell them. Fashion jewelries are dispensable and after getting tired of using them, you can keep it away, throw them and not be guilty about it. The pieces’ size and shape are crucial factors to be considered. Better doesn’t translate to being bigger in size. It is good to experiment with the way you look when wearing a jewelry in order to attune it’s size and shape to your features. There is an endless choice to the designs of a man or woman jewelry. Examples of these designs are Hawaiian jewelry, animals and Fashion jewelries. Whatever your choices are, you will be able improve your look by selecting the perfect jewelry for your outfit.